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The logo has a meaning. Guess.
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There is light at end of tunnel.
I love how you have been updating your "roadmap" using just your avatar. It's been intriguing for so long now. Just stopping by to say Hi and contemplating the release of your next VaporWare. :D
Of course the ultra dense bitcoin network, with m<3
traderbhi replied:
It's a Rai Block. Rai blocks are a big unknown, as to their original purpose, but I hope to write an article on them, to debunk what the btc maxis all think about it (that it was a useless object and therefore proof that money can be faith-based-- money cannot be faith-based). Uses for Rai block (proof of) WORKs: 1. Wheel, that's why it has a hole in the middle 2. Grindstone, for traditional wheat processing, grains. Grindstones come in all shapes and sizes, larger are more valuable bc they do more work at once, and are harder to get. 3. source of stone, like a commoditized version. Notice they go from one island to another to quarry stone, perhaps the one island is bereft of stone. The wheel shape allows the source of stone to be transportable. 4. Base stations for structures. Stone has always been the best medium for foundations-- as it keeps wood and bamboo from having their "feet wet"-- rots. 5. Rai Stones represent work, perhaps works of art in later stages of history. It costs a LOT to move them. Ownership has NEVER required proximity. The Master still owns his palace when he's away from it on diplomatic missions. You can own a railroad but not live inside the headquarters building. So I don't know why this is talked about all the time. POWping would be appropriate symbol, as rai blocks no matter WHAT their use, are hard to create and move, thus ARE a representation of work-- just to make the circle, and drill the hole. and the bigger they are, the more work goes into it. The finished product is the "proof" of that work. Proof of Work is over-used, and mostly misunderstood concept. The cherry on the top of the sundae proves it is not hollow (fake), otherwise it would collapse the structure. It's the PROOF that a REAL sundae was made. It's not the sundae, and it's not a huge contributor to the sundae, it's just the proof. BitCoin is the same, the leading-zeroes solution is just PROOF that the Node did its work-- the work being transaction processing. As blocks get bigger, the leading-zeroes ASICs-hashing will become a smaller and smaller perecentage of the Node's expenditures, until it's practically trivial. The proof of work will become processing itself. This is part of an article I wrote already, but it's not ready for wide distribution yet-- still raw and needing edit and additional content added.
Ok, how do I clear my feed of this post-- it's driving me nuts in my notifications. I was done with this topic about a week after it happened, but it's in my feed all the time now. @unwriter ? And I still say it's a Dalek's eye. That's what it SHOULD represent anyway.
binary, black and white, 0 and 1, this world
Every point of experience and the surrounding infinite nuit
THE O of POWPING social network
information creation. creating information from nothing. the nothing = black and the information created = white
Light in darkness. But it definitely looks like a record....I hope you, your family and friends are doing well Unwriter.
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The disk was better
exoteric and esoteric knowledge
Didn't like the answers? Ha! What have you done with the disc?!
slictionary replied:
Let's change the name as well, how about SPOKIN? It's a SPOK-in (a sit-in with spoks) Spoken (something said) Spoke-in. as in hub-and-spoke, a distribution network for comms. Smokin! rhymes with spokin. verb: He be spokin! adjective: spokin hot! definitely not getting .com with that one, but .com is so internety. F .com
glauce replied:
It's a "record"
monkishrex replied:
Or a Turing Tape?
adonsats replied:
oh oh ! this vapor is not in unwriter's twitter ! AWESOME
Who's eye-stalk is that? O.G. William Hartnell model.
Magnetic tape used to store/archive big datasets
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1 year ago
I think it's a torus represennting the 'O' in Powping. According to Wikipedia a torus is a " a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis that is coplanar with the circle." For me - having used powping for a couple of weeks - it's about revolution. The faster the revolution (circle) spins, the faster the torus will rotate and draw people in... We are all responsible for making that circle spin around its axis...
A doughnut.
it is a disk, but also it is "decetralized"
I'm also guessing that Unwriter is third-cousins w/ Maria Popova / BrainPickings. I mean, just look at the tattoo. Also, this article sounds awfully powpingish... https://www.brainpickings.org/2014/07/07/buddhist-economics-schumacher/
benjamin replied:
Maria Popova, who blogs at Brainpickings has a bullseye-like tattoo with the word ‘Happy’ at the middle. Above the bullseye it says ‘What To Focus On:’. This tattoo designed by Marc Johns, was put on her wall for years before she got it tattooed. During a particularly difficult time in her life, she decided that this truth was so simple, yet easily forgotten. I’m sure most of you can relate. We double-down on things that don’t make us happy anymore. We prioritize things that make us unhappier rather than improve because they were previously of great solace. I’ve personally gotten caught up in duties that weren’t important and were decreasing my quality of life significantly just because I had previous committed to them. Maria got this tattooed on her forearm to make the advice as inescapable as possible in the beginning of the day.
keeping a “record” of everything?
The all seeing eye of Planaria...
nate replied:
Hoping it’s not an all seeing eye / one eye
There is light at the end of the tunnel. We are heading for a better world.
derekm replied:
Sounds legit
The Micronesian island of Yap is known for its stone money, known as Rai: Large doughnut-shaped, carved disks of (usually) calcite, up to 4 m (13 ft) in diameter.
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slictionary replied:
🍩 Rai 💚 SmithDat@moneybutton.com https://www.slictionary.com/createword/@/@ "Just some good ole boys with their whiskey and Rai, singin this'll be the day that I die"-- Don McLean
hummmm.... a signal !
a ping... the most simple network packet in offline Bitcoin
a ping !
Monad / monoid
Tunnel / Pipe
html5 radio button
Your favorite OS...
adambowcutt replied:
You do like zero: "Next, about my identity. I proudly have exactly ZERO moral hazard. I have exactly ZERO conflict of interest. I am unaffiliated with ANY of the actors in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. There is exactly 0 person who knows who I am. Nobody has met me, nobody knows my voice, nobody funded me, I took donations from nobody, I have ZERO debts from anyone in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, both figuratively and literally."
i attach an image to more clarify my explanation
It is a disk like an LP. Infact@unwriter looks like vintage stuff, his product design it is always kind of retro when it comes to visual expression. This disk keeps track of all the data signature of the user and the user can carry around to other platform one day. Pow proof of work and Ping the command of checking an IP on a network has the logo of a disk, because when you read the disk you can extrapolate the work made by an individual despite his many IP.
framore replied:
*unwriter likes vintage
framore replied:
An LP record (in my language we call LP disk)
White hole of data (reverse of black hole)
An atom. It's the fundamental building block of a larger network. Powping a proof of offline payment channels as portable object type
framore replied:
An atom has more empty space so the white should be larger... it is just a LP record
monkishrex replied:
Is the space in an atom really empty? Or a cloud of potentials?
An eclipse.
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1 year ago
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Inverted black hole representing light consuming all the darkness around it.
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glauce replied:
You mean a white hole?
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1 year ago
glauce replied:
Recorded pings, yours to keep and play back whenever/wherever you like.
Nice word@derekm ! (circumpunct) We put a bounty on it for you.
Meatus, obviously. (not yet defined in SLictionary but it should prove to be a VERY profitable word)
john replied:
But seriously, think@glauce has it. It's a vinyl record (or jet black DVD?) which symbolizes a proof-of-work similar to BitCoin itself where the vinyl record itself has a cost to manufacture, but it's only a fraction of the value of the object because all the REAL value is on the song which is imprinted into the grooves. Similarly,@powping doesn't write EVERYTHING to chain, but only that which proves its work, and thus is valuable (like the song in the grooves). POWping. Do a proof of work (good writing), and get PINGed (with money) with data-on-chain. But will OP_0/RETURN ALWAYS be "on-chain"? 🤔
glauce replied:
Nice interpretation@john... an important part of it, is that you can take the record with you, it is yours forever!
Circumpunct, the circle with a point in the center, the generative principle, aerial view of a phallic monument.
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slictionary replied:
kpdad72 replied:
perspective over the target
kevi replied:
The counterpart of an eye. An inverted eye.
miggy replied:
A socket if you will.
kevi replied: