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Have you given up on crypto completely?
framore replied:
No, I went all in Polkadot and Tezos with staking. BSV will be from my shop if someone buys , but it is very quiet, it is really boring. BSV is too small community
framore replied:
Even when you see CoC is really no more than 100 active users
pete replied:
I hope you keep posting your thoughts on PowPing, you have written interesting stuff. CoC has maybe 20 active users. 😬
framore replied:
Thank you Pete, yes I will use Powping. I am not departing BSV, I just decided not to invest anymore my money on it. Use is fine. It is fast and Powping and CoC are cool. Mostly my frustration is about seeing 2 years of topic "Craig is Satoshi", "Halvening will kill BTC", "BSV is the original", "Everything is a scam, except us" ... one chain and the other die... "in 2020 I will sell all my BTC (Craig) and then nothing happens... it is not reliable to put my capital.