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BSV Basics

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I have a question haunting me, can anyone add some light to this? When data uploaded to the blockchain has been previously created via opaque means, what can transparency offer users who find themselves forced to rely on that data?
Perhaps in those situations the answer comes from outside the blockchain. Maybe the data is actually a composite where only parts of it are stored in the blockchain, and other parts are actions, spoken and written words... 😵
glauce replied:
I think I see what you mean, thank you@pete... this has been turning my head, but I am starting to clarify that what matters most here is user identity and data ownership... still thinking though
I am talking about situations where the data in question does not offer sufficient information about conflict of interests... when those who decide have vested interests on the outcome of what they are deciding on... for example, individuals who take turns in their positions as members of the board, as regulators, as law makers and so on... or, to be more precise, individuals who take part of what is known as a revolving door, the least transparent set up in the creation of rules used to inform the creation of any data
glauce replied:
I am talking about life, but, as it happens, BTC is a good example...