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Around The World With Quacks-A-Lot New cityonchain pics at Wałbrzych (Poland). Desktop: https://cityonchain.com/cityPicture/5f35177a927111e9a78b54e1adf07fa6 Mobile: https://m.cityonchain.com/cityMainPage/5f35177a927111e9a78b54e1adf07fa6/1
Pic didn't want to come up, here it is.
orac tipped:
0.03 USD
1 year ago
orac replied:
Wonderful compilation of photos of the Polish city. Thanks for taking the effort to source and upload those. CityOnChain is certainly a wonderful resource for getting the flavour of a city, as it where, and admire the beauty of it's buildings and surrounding landscape.
sirquacksalot tipped:
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1 year ago
sirquacksalot replied:
Thank you orac :-)