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Combine this channel and RelayX links and we have a bigger NFT marketplace than Twetch. Very intriguing stuff and the listings are way cheaper this way. If you tried listing these on Twetch, you'd be limited to twetch users seeing your NFT. They have a shitty signup wall that prevents you from sharing with twitter or reddit.
chief tipped:
0.04 USD
1 year ago
also the twetch control is un attractive
seangray replied:
I agree. Twetch is cluttered with their bullshit on the left side and useless leaderboard crap on the right. Then they have like 2 or 3 scroll bars that are funky. You have to be on mobile to get a good experience, but then photos don't work and you can't upload anything to your posts. It's a shitshow, truly. They just milk it.
chief replied:
yea what I meant is that they still bann whoever they want it's they platform but some tactics are not attractive like someone sold something that had twetch name in then they wanted a percent just for using the name , which ok , but then again tbe central control is negative outlook I think , other then that I still like it
seangray replied:
Typically you have to trademark a logo before you can do anything legally. Their trademark would fail as the name infringes on Amazon's Twitch trademark. They clearly have no experience with branding or business even. Twetch is a Lord of the Flies scenario.
seangray replied:
Even IF they managed to win a trademark. Impossible IF... but anyways just for fun we'll entertain that delusion. The mark can still legally be "reconstructed" in a for profit work.There's nothing particularly unique about the mark. It would be a tremendous waste of money far exceeding any damages they could claim as a result of unfair use. It's just them being autistic as usual.
rufus_truthfist replied:
I didn't know you were on pow ping, awesome. I've been enjoying your tokens on https://bitcointoken.exchange/
Twetch haven’t even opened the NFT marketplace. No one can mint their own NFT and sell it there still. And yeah it’s a private website still so no visibility or opportunity to go viral.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
seangray replied:
RelayX is great. We need to attract artistic talent and encourage people to mint NFTs and showcase them for sale on powping, twitter, etc. Right now a craig themed series of art would sell.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
100% agree with you.
liam replied:
@seangray absolutely. Let me know if people have some contest ideas with prizes to encourage more NFT minting and creativity. Open to suggestions. We're currently upgrading infrastructure so the site gets a speed boost.
seangray replied:
Maybe we could do an open admission contest for artists to submit their NFTs. We could judge them based on which NFT's sold the most copies, for example. Then the person whose NFT was purchased the most gets a cash prize. Make sure the cash prize is funded by a royalty on each NFT purchase to prevent people from buying up a ton of their own NFT. That way they'd be funding their own prize package and still risk losing.
seangray replied:
Maybe give the artist 20% of each purchase on their contest submissions and the remaining value could go to the prize fund. We could raise a little money for the contest just by having sponsors or heck we could privately sponsor it.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
I like that.