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Link is crazy. Current price compared to the lowest price has gained by about 16,500%! While the 65% supply is controlled by the developers which is not locked by smart contract, it can be easily tanked. I will choose another competitor who is much cheaper than it.
I sold because of the shadow link FUD, and then didn't buy again because of the DEVS owning 65% of the supply. I feel stupid for missing out on gains but whatever. I also missed out on BTC because I was warned it was a scam. Now I'm invested in BSV, so here's hoping I make it this time. What is your preferred LINK alternative?
mamatrohimat replied:
mamatrohimat replied:
Waves Platform It is like Ethereum,but faster, cheaper, and easier. It is also like chain link, with gravity It is also like Tether which has USDN. It is like Binance, as it has waves Exchange. The platform is complete built by itself. Now, it wants to help other blockchains