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RelayX Ft/NFT

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https://relayx.com/market/PEG I am not going to try to fool anyone at all. This is straight up an NFT to help us level up our business. We have more than $TEE prints to offer. and we can $PEG just about anything to NFTs. This is just an NFT to help us raise money to get a 3D printer. Anyone who grabs any of these does go on our 'nice' list for future giveaways. And we deal with physical assets represented by and pegged to digital assets. Don't forget to redeem your NFTs for the 'redeemed' NFT as well as the physical product. Description: Now that I know how to use the@relayxio reloadable debit card to spend my BSV (as USD), the world is my oyster. With the right tools, I can & will take $PEGging digital to physical assets (using NFTs/FTs as certificates of authenticity) to the MOON!!! Any earnings from the sale of this NFT will only be used towards getting a 3-D printer. Funding this endeavor will put you in our 'platinum customer club'! That means your token address will be recorded & will be filled with tokens redeemable for 📍 PEGGED physical products in the near future.
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