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Idea: Since you can't directly download powping media, let users download it for a set amount of BSV. So on powping you only get the preview of a video / gif / image but you can pay to downoad (and own it). Usecase: I create token art for a Virtual Table Top RPG game, people can browse my posts and see my art, if they like something they can download it for a few cents and use it in their game. It would be somewhat like the Roll20 market place, but instead of buying packages for lot's of money where you have stuff in it that you don't need, you only pay for the art you need and therefore a lot less and more efficiently. Additionally this would mean to let people upload other files formats to Powping: PDF, MP4 etc.
bsv_century tipped:
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2 years ago
You can download anything that renders in a browser, just right click and "save image as..." and it should download. I do get where you're coming from and have plans. But it will be different from all the existing approaches.
miggy replied:
miggy replied:
when I click save as... on a gif it doesn't save as a gif
unwriter replied:
You just need to attach .gif extension. It’s not the extension that makes it a gif. The file itself contains all the data needed to store a gif.
unwriter replied:
Even when you don’t save it with the .gif extension, you can still open it in an image editor and it will open as gif because the file header still says it’s a gif
Also powping could take a variable share of the earned amount to fund the hosting / traffic costs.
bsv_century replied:
Nice idea 💡 I like it