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People don't bring the economic arguments to computing enough. As if economics is limited to the money domain and technology arguments are for the computing domain. CSW on the other hand , makes these points all the time. I believe people just don't listen well enough. People will ask him a technical question and he'll answer it economically or they will ask him a money question and he'll answer it with a technical response. I think half the people who hear it go, "Oh Craig, he didn't answer the question again" CSW said (paraphrasing), the legacy internet is cheap to attack and expensive to defend. This Bitcoin computing is expensive to attack and cheap to defend. So if you are an App company, your costs on the legacy internet were expensive. And now they will be cheap. Anybody who thinks about business costs between the models should realize this is true along many business measures, not limited to security. In the past, a successful app was one that has gained 'unicorn' status, usually determined by how sticky it was or how much of a silo of it's user's data had built. Success required a twisted relationship between the app and their users. I hope what we see down the road, a successful app is a profitable one well-used and appreciated by its users.