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Acquisitions are coming. TAAL will be shopping for hardware and paying commissions with shares. Probably issuing shares to pay for everything. How many shares will be added to the total is anyone's guess right now. At least some will be locked away for 12 months... https://ceo.ca/@newswire/taal-enters-into-consulting-agreement-with-mc-international
dummy question i don't understand how the company can issue new shares and thus, dilute the value of the existing shares? if these are newly issued shares and they aren't coming from someone else's control then how is this kind arrangement different than just creating money out of thin air?
seangray replied:
The newly issued shares would not be saleable for at least a year. Usually the people receiving these shares will be incentivized to accumulate a saleable bag of shares on the market. So this stimulates the price as much as it dilutes it. We will acquire hardware, businesses, tech along the way and so the "money out of thin air" is only being used to buy property.
null replied:
something else i recently noticed is that the total # shares outstanding is now showing up as 23,080,000 i find this interesting because i had previously noted that total # shares outstanding as 23,800,000 720,000 share difference
null replied:
now it is entirely possible that i made a typo a few months ago when taking the 23.80M shares outstanding i'm just wondering if it is in any way possible that i didn't, and the reduction of these 720k shares outstanding are the source of funding for what might later become "newly (re)issued shares" for the consulting agreements described in OP ?
seangray replied:
The difference is a result of the abandoned hardware.
Related post by@benjamin https://powping.com/posts/54047787bb4219af017cca07a5cad17c8453eedb41bc188186409ac827f0c47e I wonder if all their partnerships are structured that way, including the layer 1 token solution.