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We hold on to those who cannot love us for so many reasons. Sometimes we tend to hold on because we convince ourselves that the circumstance will change... that if we love harder (prove how much we love them), if we give more, and if we stay the situation will evolve. The value of our love will be recognised... it will be chosen. Sometimes, we hold on because we feel like we have to. We feel like we have to be the ones to fix, the ones to mend the ones to prove that being human don't just give up on someone whom they see something beautiful within. Sometimes we hold on because of the guilt... for walking away and choosing ourselves. Sometimes we hold on because we are so afraid of losing someone... afraid that we can not find better, no one will love us as much as the person did... we rather stay and be with someone who makes us feel lonely than being alone and start all over again. There are other more reasons why most of us chose to hold on than letting go. Letting go is one of the hardest thing to do... we are so afraid to be the reason of someone's pain. But is it really worth keeping someone in your life who doesn't see your worth, who only makes you feel you are too much or you are not enough... eventually you will end up loosing yourself? As my father once told me "Never compromise your worth and lose your self just to save the day because it is the most injustice thing you will do to yourself. If you feel like your self-worth is being compromise then leave and let go. Most of the time holding on will cause more damage that letting go" Don't be afraid of losing someone... be afraid of losing yourself for holding on to someone who doesn't see your worth. #toogoodatgoodbyes #strongerthanbefore #willneverregret #choosehappiness
Love is the only thing. When you know the Love that you are, losing will be impossible. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel the pain of someone “leaving” you, but you will come to see that you take yourself with you where ever you go.