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The problem with doing this is 1) most people don’t have the ability to Receive BTC and 2) The cost, for these people to exchange btc will be more than btc is worth. It’s a futile exercise, generous yes, but ultimately will only give ppl a bad experience of the Real Bitcoin (bsv) You can not USE btc so it IS worthless. It’s only a matter of time.
thacypha replied:
"BTC gets exchanged to bitcoin" what do you think this means?
Well, of course, you can exchange your btc to bsv. But you would need to know how to do that and they will need to do it soon because when ppl realize they can’t use btc and start to sell… miner fees will go up, mempool will be “clogged” with smaller tx and the whole crypto idea is going to take a big hit.
thacypha replied:
I don't care what happens to core coin. Its death can not come soon enough for me! There is only one BitCoin.