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🤔 Perhaps a certification "✅ label or symbolic ⊕ label in OP_RETURN" or direct from the outset in the meta descriptions of the files? As a trace of the origin. But this system would have to be generalised to be very efficient? Can even be incremented in parallel via the ecdsa on the blockchain. A commercial name for this process could sound like: VERYDATA.
glauce replied:
Can we move this interesting answer to the main question? Then I can delete my extra post... 😁... (just copy it and paste it on the linked one above )
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yes np
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That would be great, Thanks@bsvfan
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I think adding a message like this one (linked) splits it, so good learning for next time... lets continue when you have moved it to the main one (will delete this one then)... 😉
If you have thoughts about this, please reply on the main post linked... pre-thanks!!!