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Hello world, is time Clown men's manoeuvres are dry Lets laugh till they cry
rlcreate tipped:
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1 year ago
Dedicated to all clowns in charge who underestimate the intelligence of the people!
rlcreate replied:
I love that, far too many idiot clowns in charge around the world and have been dragging everyone else down for years now!
glauce replied:
Thank you@ricreate, I think that laughing them out might work out better than trying to reason with such clowns... they have to get the message that we just can't take them seriously... hahaha
rlcreate replied:
Lol they are easy to laugh at but I wish it was that easy, nothing seems to work against them and they just keep coming
glauce replied:
I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that this could actually work and be very effective indeed... we know by now that there is no point trying to reason with their unreasonableness, they are prepared for this kind of response, but not for what is out of the ordinary, like being laughed at... it would be so outrageous, it could baffle them, specially if we say nothing, just show debouch. Imagine 10s, 100s of thousands gathered together at strategic places (no.10, Houses of Parliament, White House, etc) laughing... I mean really laughing, loudly and with gusto... imagine the roar... no law could stop people from laughing... they wouldn't know how to act in response to being dismissed, even though that is exactly what they have been doing, dismissing us and our rights... wouldn't this be the biggest embarrassment ever?