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Play Game of Life on Bitcoin. Create your unstoppable, immortal, and Turing Complete cellular automaton today https://xiaohuiliu.medium.com/play-conways-game-of-life-on-bitcoin-forever-47c6fb7ed682
venezia tipped:
peakstuff tipped:
This is amazing! Question: how hard would it be for someone to create a basic UI and a tool so that people can keep the game going simply by adding funds to pay for new transactions? Something similar to what people did when they funded WeatherSv channels. I’d love to see that, plus it’d be something we can always point to when arguing about Turing completeness.
venezia tipped:
Awesome! Where can we find it on Chain?
xhliu replied:
It should be easy to deploy following instructions at https://github.com/sCrypt-Inc/boilerplate#how-to-deploy-contracts
Wow, super cool stuff.