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When I hold my cursor over the name of a user on Facebook, I can easily see some information I have access to, and I can choose to send a friend request, send a message, and other things. The screenshot gives an example. It works similarly on Reddit or Twitter. I don't get any information about a user if I hold my cursor over a username on Powping, which gives Powping a UX disadvantage compared to Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, in my mind. There is less ease-of-use on Powping. I will need to open a new browser tab to get to the information, and that takes more time. The information I have access to on Powping should preferably be very easy to find and act on, in my view. The way Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter has done it works very well.
Ask yourself: where did you enter your personal information in PowPing?
bitcoinsteffen replied:
I know that there is no personal information entered on Powping. That is the same with Reddit. The point in my post is that there should be more convenience in the UX. I should be able to follow or message you easily when I hold my cursor over your username.
uniqueusername replied:
ok, i agree with you.