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Others have already shared, but the recent Diamonds n the Rough episode with John Pitts about TAAL was super valuable. Well worth $5 and the nearly 1.5 hrs spent (at 2x speed ha) Learn about: - Why TAAL’s financial statements are not important (for now). - The short but complicated history of SQR & TAAL. - Should you invest in TAAL or BSV? - What is the probability of failure with TAAL? - Analysing the role of Calvin Ayre. - Was the expiration of the 3m+ warrants at $8 last month a good or bad thing? - What did the Aracore ASIC development partnership failure tell us about TAAL? - Future valuations for TAAL and suggested % of allocation. These kinds of in-depth multi-hour long conversations are incredible. There was the Theory of Bitcoin series and now these ones on TAAL. The DITR duo plan to do many more episodes covering TAAL as the company evolves and grows. Looking forward to more@john and Glen! (Not sure if he is on powping?) https://streamanity.com/video/WVSBizF5hqsp?ref=1ef22122-d158-4c88-88f4-ded37cbbc602 (@jackcliu ref revenue share really kicks in more when videos are priced at $5 ha)
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Should I invest in TAAL or BSV?
musiq replied:
Maybe the question is should i "Invest" or "divest" :) Jokes aside, I think there's really no meaning in whether you should invest or not because at this point everything is speculative. Even the narrative about "the enterprise usage is coming!" is speculative because there are too many uncertainties. Personally, I'm just watching.
liam replied:
@miggy It's the same play. But TAAL is more risky (TAAL can fail while BSV succeeds but not the other way round). Arguably though TAAL might have higher upside. Also possibly easier to buy than BSV depending on where you are in the world.
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kpdad72 replied:
I find TAAL to be an high level speculation investment at this point. like any other speculation just be ready to win big or loose all. BSV does seem to have the upper hand as previously stated. BSV can survive while TAAL makes it own economic decisions based on BSV and go either way. I appreciate the diverse shared opinions in BSV and Powping. I wanna hear the duck quack before i dive in.
liam replied:
Yes, the tricky part about waiting for the duck to quack is that by that point you might not get the shares for very cheap anymore. I’m encouraged that John Pitts holds 1-5% of AUM in TAAL already. In the video he hinted it was more towards the higher end of that figure. Don’t know how much he has in AUM though haha
kpdad72 replied:
i agree and i do have some already, just in case. gives me a baseline to calculate future allocation based on my entry compared to current market trend. i might sneak in some dollar cost averaging amongst other investments. fiat is dying cant stay all in there. i would buy dog food before storing fiat in large numbers.
It's a great question, and Len asked it during the "Stand TAAL" episode. We didn't go fully into depth on it, as there's some interesting nuances and math we want to apply to answer it more fully in the next TAAL episode in the series-- which will have to be relatively soon as TAAL is moving fast and invites more and deeper inspection.
*Len, not Glen sorry.