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Since the "pings" and "presses" aren't time-stamped but use the "7 months ago" and "1 week ago" title, then the "offchain bitcoin transactions" should be time-stamped. Hard to figure out what the time-stamp is on a powping transction when it's not accurate and no easy way for a layman to check it. So timestamp something: either use False-Return (not permanent, but timestamps it for a little while), or provide a timestamp in the Planaria transaction, or or use a more exact timestamp in the powping/powpress itself. I never understood the SillyCON Valley way of timestamping, you can calculate how many months ago it was with simple math, but very hard to know the day and hour something was timestamped when it says "1 week ago" or "7 months ago" or "1 year ago".
pete tipped:
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1 year ago
🤓 If someone needs the exact timestamp, it's behind the "tx" button shown under each post. The number circled on this screenshot can be converted to understable date and time with: https://www.epochconverter.com
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1 year ago
john replied:
Yowza, thanks much for the post. I'll prolly forget which website to use to convert that integer to time in about... 5 seconds after I press "comment" on this reply.