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Art & Words

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Welcome to Art & Words. I am your host, Nate Lindley of www.ashcancomicspub.com I've made comics, written novels, and made tabletop games for several years now. Everything I do is indie and I've learned a lot (conceptual, traditional, digital, editing, formatting, manufacturing, collaborating, biz creating, etc.) along the way. I can write, draw, and tune/experiment with things until something works haha I've worked with many artists and writers along the way; I'd be glad to share what I've learned with you. Please share your work and feel free to ask questions. Be a positive force in this community. Let's build this thing. What you are building is worth it. Enjoy the journey. Sample image of my most recent accomplishment: Oath - Volume 1, a 100 page superhero/action comic about family, becoming a superhero, and standing up for what you believe in. Available on my site: https://www.ashcancomicspub.com/acp-store.html So... What are you working on?
tonymontoshi tipped:
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1 year ago
thoth tipped:
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1 year ago
nate replied:
Spread the word🍻 I’m gonna ask my comic and art amigos. Hope to see the community grow.
Very cool 😎
thoth replied:
my wife is a lettering hobbyist trying to go pro... shes already been hired a handful of times locally and shes an event wedding coordinating pro too so trying to tie all that together for her. I am working on a handful of projects but none very seriously yet... I have had some small design jobs this year and trying to get an idea for how to use bitcoin for my youtube project and possibly (a mystery) :) im a photographer too. Love your skillz bro. Also thank you for help with the website i have that up now thanks to you.
nate replied:
Way cool. Maybe you and your wife can share some of your work here. Stay creative😀
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Good thing here is you don't need BSV at all.