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Thought I'd share the company profile for TAAL that Fundstrat made. You can read their full report here: https://fsinsight.com/2020/07/28/crypto-special-report-bsv-business-use-cases-of-th/
musiq tipped:
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1 year ago
So I have got a question. We know TAAL's clients are, among others, Money Button and Handcash. Yet, both Money Button and Handcash, currently make no money. So how are they actually paying TAAL? By the money they got from investment funding? But this will not last for long. Thanks for any answer
musiq replied:
You got it backwards. It's the opposite. TAAL "pays" (through the exclusive discounted rates) the wallets to get the transactions submitted to them so they can make money through transaction fees.
michaelwehrmann replied:
Ok, thanks. So actually, Money Button and HandCash are not clients of TAAL per se then?
liam replied:
@musiq can you expand on that? Not sure if I understand. TAAL pays MB and HandCash so they form exclusive contracts with TAAL?
musiq replied:
Here's how I understand it. Yes MB and HandCash are TAAL's clients. The service TAAL provides is transaction processing. Transaction processors make money through transaction fee per transaction, which is included by the users when they submit transactions. Because BSV transaction processors need to make money from volume, they make deals with companies like MB and Handcash so they get bulk transactions submitted to them. And MB and Handcash negotiate lower transaction fee rate from TAAL in exchange for exclusivity. The lower transaction fee directly benefits users, which in turn indirectly benefits MB and Handcash. Companies like MB and Handcash make TAAL money by giving them transactions full of transaction fees, TAAL should be the ones thanking MB and Handcash for giving them bulk transactions, not the other way around.