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I paid $10 for http://markcarni.life domain for one year from name.com. I just got a renewal notification and they want $41 for another year. Is there any way round this to stop being gouged? Do all domain registrars do this?
Domain name transfer to namecheap.com possible.
Sounds like a scam. Who's the registrar?
marquee replied:
You can switch your domain name hosting to another provider. I have just paid $13.16 for bitcoinsteffen.com for 1 more year. I bought the domain name in 2015. I use https://www.namecheap.com/ and I can pay them with Bitcoin Cash. I don't know if there is a better domain name provider now. I look forward to what NBdomain can do when it is released.
Not really. Had the best experience with 101domain.com though.
:-) It's a clever plan: during the first year you'll build your site, get some traffic to it, thus it becomes difficult to abandon the domain. If you decide to renew your domain, it's probably best to pay for multiple years at the same time (in case they lift prices yearly).
marquee replied:
Not clever because it makes the customer feel like they're being fleeced. This means no repeat business and negative PR.
bitcoinsteffen replied:
Can't you keep your website, and just transfer the domain name to a different domain name host?