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RIP me. I’m 44 years old and “back to school”. Bitcoin SV is the Bitcoin for lifelong learners. Much of my learning about Bitcoin has been by osmosis, combined with actually using it for casual internet commerce (i.e. poking around various Bitcoin wallets and apps). By osmosis, I mean listening to YouTube while doing other things. And reading some articles. You can also register for the MOOC (massive open online course) being offered by the Bitcoin Association, produced in partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and its dedicated Saxion Blockchain Institute in the Research Group Blockchain. Find out more and REGISTER HERE: What is Bitcoin and Why Does It Matter? https://mooc.saxion.nl/courses/course-v1:SAXION+BC1+2021/about p.s. There’s more! That bird in the window may be of interest if you’re interested in learning to code on Bitcoin SV. Sign up here: Satolearn https://satolearn.com/
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Enrolled! Lifelong learning FTW! 🎯
satoshidoodles replied:
Nice! (I am procrastinating on starting. Yikes, already.)
Very nice! I am also enrolled, we are all kids again!
satoshidoodles replied:
Awesome! ;-)
great bird !!!!!!!!!!
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This bird looks like it has great potential: https://satolearn.com/