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Hey@unwriter ! I noticed a little bug that happened a few times with me here in PowPing, but I just understanded now what is possibly happening. The problem is, when you tip someone's message, after you set the price and swipe the button, you have to wait for the transaction confirmation for the dialog to close and kind of reloads the content, showing the tip message on the tipping list. But, If the user clicks out of the dialog, without waiting for the money button callback to reload the page, the dialog simply closes and the tipping messages never appears on the list. Even after hours, because It happened with me yesterday, and the tip still does not show there. Also, in the money button wallet, the tip is sent correctly to the chain, even that it not appears on PowPing. I dont think it is something so serious, but I did it again here right now in a new post, just to be sure before posting this, and it happened again. Also I noticed that the tip value is not added to the total post economy counter. I just think you would like to know! Thank you for all the amazing work you do.
Thanks for reporting, yes this is how it works currently. i thought about disallowing closing the modal, but then will have to add a "close" button, which is much more cumbersome way to close it compared to just tapping outside of the modal. Will need to find a UX balance somewhere
mateus replied:
Well, maybe you could disallow closing the modal anyway, and just trigger the modal closing function via script after the callback.
mateus replied:
Humm, now I got what you said! If you disable modal closing, it will require the user to click on close button if he changes his mind after opening tip dialog... Anyway maybe this is an appropriate and important place to not be so easy to close the dialog, just making the user think and deliberatedly decide that he does not want to tip anymore. Also, Is there a way to disable modal close only immediately after swiping the button?
unwriter replied:
might be possible, will think about it.
mateus replied:
Cool! ;)
To reproduce the bug: Find a post you want to tip, add your amount, swipe the button until the end and immediatly click anywhere outside the dialog, before callback happens.