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According to a study, 54% of Americans have had a dream in which they are falling. There is usually never and end to it, and you just fall aimlessly into an abyss. These are usually the dreams that result in “myoclonic jerk” and a sudden jolt waking you up. In order to understand these dreams is to look at the WAY you are falling. If you are losing grip of something like an edge of a cliff, you need to let go of a situation or relationship in your life. If the falling comes from being clumsy, you’re overworking yourself or giving to much of yourself to a relationship. If you’re just all of a sudden falling down, there is a certain fear or failure in your life. If you slip or trip into your fall, you’re afraid of making mistakes in life. If someone has pushed you, you feel threatened by someone in real life, perhaps a demanding boss or gossipy relative.