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@unwriter What is the plan to deal with "undesirable" content and/or behavior as the network grows? There is of course things like spam, paid advertising, goreposting and other obscene content. But I was just thinking about one example that I find quite relevant: this network allows for an extremely fertile ground for paid sexual content that has become very popular lately with sites like Patreon and Onlyfans. When girls figure out that they can post sexy/lewd/nude pictures in exchange for generous tips from men, without a need to deal with the traditional financial system, there is going to be potential for a pornographic or semi-pornographic economy arising on Powping. How would an issue like this be curtailed? Or better question, would it be curtailed? I'd like to hear some thots (heh) on that
brian tipped:
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2 weeks ago
https://tocial.io/ is the service you're searching for
marc replied:
Wasn't looking for a platform like this, I was really just curious how Powping will deal with this type of content and commercial activity going forward. Right now it's not so relevant, but it very well could be if the site grows to a larger audience.
Powping is not on chain. Centralized. Just using Money button for signing. Not a big problem. The service you're searching for do exist, though.
Very reasoned question. I look forward to your response,@unwriter
_kevin_pham replied:
I think it's best not too overcomplicate things for now. I believe the built-in traceability and identity linking capability of Bitcoin + paymail barrier of entry + existing powping curation/incentive scheme is enough for now. Once we get real Gov't issued identity on Bitcoin these accountability measures will be strengthened even more so.