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"Amen. Come Lord Jesus." Revelation 22:20 These are some of the final words in Scripture taken from the last book and chapter of the Bible from Revelation. After the revelatory has given a future vision of all that is to come, while both great and tragic, he closes off by asking God to come and make it so. Despite that these future events will be cataclysmic, the author knows that they are part of God's plan, and because they are, they will ultimately be good for the people of God. In this season of Advent we remember when Jesus first came to us and this remembrance makes us ready for when He will come again. We prepare ourselves for this as we hold firm to His Word and promises and wait expectantly. We join in the cry of God's people of old for our God to come. As He came in His First Advent into Bethlehem's manger bed, so He is certain to come again. We have a sure hope for Jesus return! While God is always with us until the End of the Age (Matthew 28:20) when we pray for Him to come, we are asking that His presence may be felt among us, with us and through us. Since He has already promised to come again, we are asking according to His will and this is a pleasing prayer to God and one that He will answer with certainty. Because of this, we pray with certainty until He returns, "O come, O come, Emmanuel! Know that you are loved!