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When folks realise that they can't sell their BTC in less than a day or so (with massive fees to boot) how long will it take for the price to collapse? Digital Gold? Don't think so.
yeah...that dip is gonna be a fast hard dive...I'm not sure why people that trade BTC can't see past the larger returns while day trading (currently) when there is no decent use case that would make it a viable method of paying other people...like in a peer to peer electronic cash type system. I would pull out of BTC now if I were in it at all, put some cash in my pocket to use while the USD isnt trashed (maybe pay a few bills or whatever), and put the rest in BSV. Maybe the BTC ppl and ETH guys might become friends when they both realize they have bunk coins that could almost compliment each other in terms of usefulness, then they will realize BSV already does what they were looking for the whole time. I've never held ETH though, so I don't know if I am qualified to comment on it like that ;)