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‪People never got to understand who Agent Smith was in The Matrix and it’s such a shame.‬ ‪The perverse truth he embodies is, in my opinion, one of humanity’s biggest threats.‬ ‪What are your thoughts?‬
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he is an ugly truth that some people are not ready for...but we don't have to worry about him because we're hacking the shit out of the system. there may data loss...maybe that data loss is good. Andrew DeSantis makes a comment about certain things that shouldn't be 'out there' because that idea will manifest itself. So introducing a negative thought is not worth keeping around because it actually hurts the system. His example is actually burning a book that you just feel like shouldn't ever be read.
"He is you. Your opposite, your negative, the result of the equation trying to balance itself out." - The Oracle
Agent Smith is a representation of ALL the people that are still asleep, and by being unaware they allow him to exist through projection as Smith. Every person that is asleep is an agent. Which is why he can move person to person. The mirror scene is a DMT trip. I personally experienced interdimensional travel. https://youtu.be/YgJ5ZEn67tk
...well Agent Smith is an Aussie...that explains something!
Depending on how you look at the film, you can argue that Agent Smith is Neo, just the dissociated/unintegrated aspects of Neo which are constantly engaged with the sysiphean effort to wage one's ego as a weapon against the world. Neo's struggle with Smith in the end is emblematic of their being of one body and one mind. Neo's frees himself from this struggle by activating the power of choice. "Why do you continue ton fight?" "Because I choose to." Choice is the activating power which returns responsibility for one's story to oneself. Whereas decisions displace the responsibility of one's action, choice embraces the entirety of what results without need to engage in the never ending cycle of justifications. What Neo chooses in the end is his choiclessness. His choosing choicelessness remakes the Matrix by integrating the dissociated aspects and latent potentials which he represented. By remaking oneself anew, it is as though the whole world is remade anew.
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Here's a 30 minute dialog between Ken Wilber who along with Cornel West provided the commentary in lieu of Wachowskis for the 10-disc box set and Lana Wachowski on some of the philisophical ideas underpinning the Matrix trilogy. https://youtu.be/8zVxnaYAGD0
esryix replied:
Thank U!
One of the most interesting - and possibly most Gnostic - scene in the movie is when he's interrogating Morpheus and you can see his weird relationship with humanity, and how he is confused, disgusted, flustered, yet somehow has respect for them, even some jealousy or longing.
hermes replied:
"Agent Smith: Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed."
hermes replied:
A chilling quote from that scene!
Just like neo he is part of the system, dies and then there is a rebirth of a stronger self, and both eventually break free from the constraints of the matrix. Both represent freedom, only different sides of the coin. The more interesting question is who or what is the architect, who's interest does he/it serve?
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donald replied:
He looks like he might work for Google or Facebook.
he is "the one".
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mmurfy replied:
Without the one, he would not exist.
apagut replied:
Well, he is “the one” because he’s the “software” that can crush Neo (the bug, the glitch in the Matrix, the threat to the system)
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Nope. Not even close.