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Do you guys remember Cryptsy? We do. Look at this cunt.
He ran off with 4.6 btc of mine 🤬🤬🤬
musiq replied:
Wow that would be $50,000 as of today, sorry to hear that.
bender replied:
Yah, it sucks 😏 lol.. i blamed myself for a bit for trying to arb doge between bittrex and cryptsy at premium, i had no clue what was going on until it was too late and couldnt withdraw, also no one could say anything in chatbox because the sysops were banning people screaming FUD, so yah i got wrecked by this man, i hope someone has caught him by now.. he tried to run to china and start an exchange called hifive or something, cant remember the exact name now its been a while. I quit crypto for a few years after this, my wife was diagnosed with cancer so i sold all my miners and coins to help pay for that and was done.. only came back when bch forked, now on bsv.. so its okay, God gave me another chance to buy bitcoin under 100$ 🙂 but yah ranting a bit, wish i could get my btc back to sell. 🙍‍♂️
musiq tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
Oh man, that is going way back.
Hope he rot in hell