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Nick Thomas on possible descriptions of the four ethers which can be followed up in the details of plant forms. https://tpow.app/12f209da In spiritual science we find four stages of creation; an outpouring of will which gives rise to warmth, then the action of wisdom to bring light and order into the chaotic will, then the introduction of movement, and finally the expression of the result in form. We can trace these stages in our thinking, for we would not think at all without the necessary inner will; then wisdom enters when we start to grasp a thought, an inner movement follows as we shape the result into a final thought form. What can happen next? Spiritual form is shattered! There is no other further step. Rudolf Steiner describes matter as arising from such shattered spiritual form. Warmth ether: principal bridge between the physical and the etheric Light ether: macroscopic organising and expansion. Chemical ether: microscopic organising and contraction. Life ether: macroscopic organising that is contractive opposing the light ether, microscopic organising that is expansive opposing the chemical ether #aetherforce #ether #aether #formativeforces #steiner #goethe #anthroposophy #counterspace #projectivegeometry