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Personal development audio books are my secret to building faith and confidence

Personal development audio books are my secret to building faith and confidence

Faith comes by hearing, says the ancient scripture.

If you lack faith, you need to increase your hearing on things you want to have faith for.

If you lack faith that you can succeed, then you need to increase your hearing on how you can succeed.

You already have faith

And to digress a little, if you lack faith that you can succeed, you actually have faith that you will fail.

Do you see it?

You may be trying to become a more faith-full person but I tell you, you already have faith.

You just need to aim it right.

And how do you aim it right?

Back to our example. If you have faith that you’re a failure (that means you think you lack faith that you can succeed), then you need to listen to words telling you that you’re a success.

Like good ol’ Bob Proctor’s story of how you were born a success.

That is, out of millions and millions of sperm who COULD have made it to your mother’s ovum, YOU were the one who made it.

Think about it. Out of multimillions!

That’s like winning the lottery.

You are a lottery winner.

Just pure chance, you say?

Well, you were conceived a lottery winner, then you were born an artist, a dancer, a singer, an actor.

But something happened along the way that messed you up. Like it messed all of us up.

That thing called life and growing old.

Growing old is a function of death.

Can you grow up without growing old?

Yes, you can. Some ninetysomethings look like they’re already dead, some ninetysomethings are still bodybuilding and jetskiing. I just saw one on TED yesterday.

How to choose your future

We have a chance and responsibility to grow ourselves how we want to be.

And how?

Our faith directs us.

Our beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Believe that you can’t and you won’t.

Believe that you can and you will.

But how?

Faith comes by hearing. So choose what you hear.

My secret weapon? Audio books. Personal development audio books, to be precise.

None of us are robots with coded brains that run through a routine every time we reboot.

Don’t you wish it were that way, sometimes?

Every morning you wake up and your brain runs a routine that tells you who you are, why you’re here and what you’re supposed to be doing. It would be nice, but it doesn’t happen automatically.

You can make it happen, tho’.

Think of it as the ultimate lifehack.

Write down your raison detre and read it to yourself every morning when you wake up, first thing after you wake up.

Read it to yourself until you’ve internalised it and then keep doing it.

And choose a personal development audio book to listen to constantly.

Not that you’ll listen to the same book constantly, but that you’ll constantly be listening to a book at every chance. On your commute. As you get dressed for work. While you shower at the end of the day. A half-hour before bed.

Always be listening to hear

Always be listening. Listen and you might hear. Hear and you gain faith.

So if you want to win friends and influence people, listen to How to Win Friends and Influence People. You get my drift.

“Ah, I’ve read that book before.”

No, you haven’t. If you aren’t automatically living the book, you haven’t finished reading it.

Reading is a discipline. A habit. Something you do constantly in life.

“But I’m not a reader.”

No one’s a reader

No one’s a reader. Or looking at it another way, everyone’s a reader.

When you read, what are you actually doing? You’re narrating a story to yourself. You’re hearing yourself speak the words on the page to yourself. In your mind.

In fact, in ancient times, silent reading was considered weird. The written page was a script to be played through the human record player.

So audio books are kind of truer to ancient books, in a strange way.

Words are meant to be heard, and audio books give you a technological shortcut to programming your mind.

Short of writing your own life’s script and reading it out loud to yourself, personal development audio books give you a modern solution to an age-old problem.

Keep listening to those audio books. And even try writing your own scripts and reading them out to yourself. Record them, even.

Ah, there’s so much you can do to aid in your self-improvement. But for now, I just want to encourage you strongly to give personal development audio books a solid effort.

Listen and you will hear

Go get an Audible account or just download some independently sold audio books. You can even get some great public domain personal development audio books readily available online.

Make it part of your daily routine, getting dressed, showering, commuting to and from work, lying down to bed, et cetera, et cetera.

You’ll see your faith come alive and grow steadily.

Trust me, make audio books part of your personal development. It’s as close to a shortcut as any because faith comes by hearing.

Now, what personal development books do you recommend listening to on audio?

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