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The Bitcoin SV ecosystem continues to see sustained growth and development, as the number of known active projects and ventures for its blockchain now tops more than 400. Blockchain iGaming company Peergame maintains an ongoing list of the entities, which now consists of 320 companies & services, 28 protocol layers, as well as 80 developer resources, bringing the current count to 428. As the only blockchain protocol which adheres to the original design of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin SV is an ideal platform for developers to work with, offering unbounded scaling, greater data capacity, very low transaction fees, and true micropayment capabilities. These different features combine to unlock a host of new functionalities and economic opportunities, illustrated by the diversity of the projects that comprise the list, with projects and solutions built for payments, iGaming, social media, and eSports to name just a few. https://blog.peergame.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/0626-BSV-Ecosystem.pdf
isaiah_smith tipped:
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1 week ago
I like the list and your writing.
This list is terrible. How you list wallets and shops and just concepts together? Merchants should stay apart. Wallets too. It looks like put anything to show bigger number.