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TAAL announces leadership transition https://seekingalpha.com/news/3621689
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I think this means they are struggling right now. Moves like this buy them a bit more time with investors. The adoption of BSV hasn't been as fast as predicted when Taal first started.
I know people will say all this switch back and forth will help the company move forward more effectively (how many times have they changed their leadership, 100 times? All they seem to be doing since their Squire days has been doing all these meta things like changing around the company structure and executives) but anyone experienced in business operations would know this is the worst sign ever to happen to a startup. And yeah, TAAL is a startup no matter how they try to spin it. Doesn't matter if they're a public company. They're a startup company pre-product market fit. All this hat switching only means there is no single "founder vision" that binds TAAL together. That's why every CXO is replaceable. They think they will solve problems by switching around hats but the structure itself was wrong from the beginning. Just take a look at how many shares each CXO person owns. Not enough incentive for an early stage startup. All their CXOs are hired people who don't have the ultimate final say in the direction of the company.
musiq replied:
I am only being harsh because I hope BSV really succeeds, but more and more I feel like a lot of the "heavyweights" in the ecosystem don't really know what they're doing but just talking big.
liam replied:
Thanks for your thoughts@musiq. I'd be curious to hear you expand more on what you said re changing the company structure as "the worst sign ever to happen to a startup" and the structure itself being wrong. This news to me seems to be just the naming of the new hires they already announced a few weeks back: https://www.taal.com/news/taal-announces-the-opening-of-new-office-in-zug-switzerland-along-with-operations-update/ "TAAL is onboarding a number of key new hires with the goal of expanding the Company’s operations, including a Chief Technology Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, VP of Product Development, Head of Business Development, Chief Scientist and VP of Digital Strategy." No 'President' listed there, but new hires and expansion of the team is what TAAL have been signalling for a while. I have no comment on the switching of CEOs though - just that it makes sense to have Stefan Matthews at the helm given he has been with TAAL since the start and is the second largest shareholder below Calvin. Stefan seems like a very private person, but his name keeps popping up in Bitcoin's history. I believe he might have been the one to introduce Calvin to Craig.
musiq replied:
From what I'm seeing, TAAL is not a company with a visionary founder, but a company that simply executes on so called "Satoshi Vision" (aka CSW vision). I think this is dangerous as a startup because the vision does not come from those who take care of day to day operations but from people who are detached from operations (for example CSW, who may or may not be a genius who created Bitcoin, but far from good at executing a business. Many of his past companies failed, and the success of Bitcoin doesn't count as business success because Bitcoin is a product, not a business). But overall, I've never seen an early stage startup succeed without a visionary founder. All these CXOs with fancy backgrounds are great people and I'm sure they can execute well, but I can't see any visionary in the roster. Basically, I don't see any "Steve Jobs" or "Gordon Moore" among TAAL CXOs.
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liam replied:
Appreciate your views@musiq. I’m not sure I necessarily agree that TAAL needs a separate vision from satoshi’s vision given that TAAL will 100% fail if BSV fails. BSV feels to me like a distributed corporation itself with many moving parts and it needs all the entities building on top of BSV to share a similar vision. Each executing their unique part of it. Having said that though I agree with you that a visionary founder is important. I’ve never heard Stefan Matthews speak so would be interesting to hear from him.
Hmm... Not sure about this. Sounds like they are trying to say they are freeing-up Jerry to focus on product/tech and have Stephan fill CEO duties and then this Chris gentlemen focus on capital raising. Nothing on TAAL's site and it still shows the old management team structure. Not really impressed w/ the coordinated push / polish. Looking forward to some others' analysis on these shifts.
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