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Has anyone written, or is anyone able to provide a bit of a ELI5 on SPV Channels? https://github.com/bitcoin-sv-specs/brfc-spvchannels What are they? What are they for? Who should use them? When and why?
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
I believe@shadders talked about them at the conference. I think they’re like hosted message queues as a service for bitcoin related messages in case you happen to be offline etc. Like smtp servers.
I am pretty sure THAT Jack Davies from Nchain can teach us and answer MANY questions. He is one of the inventor of SPV 🤩
They are somewhat explained in the whitepaper, by CSW, and thru the demonstrations by Shadders in the past year. This is the way to scale transactions by passing them between parties. One side will have to send the final transaction on for settlement on chain. You can have somewhat of an assurance that the transactions will be valid by comparing the merkle proof to a copy of the block headers. This is really only valid during times where re-orgs aren't occurring... it gets complicated. A lot explained here by Attila too: https://bitcoinfiles.org/t/77a2928ada60ee24f012a5309f221c52a1b9e15a900a9bb63993340e596b0c15
adonsats replied:
ELI5 ?? can you explain ?
light replied:
Explain Like I'm Five
jonathanaird replied: