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Did Craig sell his BTC? He says the BTC is a fraud, so why he keeps holding fraud coins? Wouldn't be time to put that Billions into the real Bitcoin?
No way Craig would sell his BTC on Bitfinex, He would definitely do it on Binance. (sarcasm) If or when he sells it, there will be no doubt who did it.
Are you serious dude
framore replied:
He said many times publicly he is going to sell all btc and put that capital into bsv. So why he is not doing that?
pete replied:
There's that lawsuit that could be offered as an explanation why coins aren't moving... https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/6309656/kleiman-v-wright/
token_squatting replied:
I dunno man, just sounds a little greedy on your part, they're his, he can do what he wants when he wants.
musiq replied:
framore is just talking about him not following up with his words, not about whether he should be selling or not. BSV people should stop protecting CSW's lies. Whether he's satoshi or not is completely separate matter from whether he lied or not. He lied and that's a fact. I agree it's his freedom to whether to sell or not, but he actually made a serious comment about him selling. If it was someone else on another blockchain who made such claims, BSV people will be calling them scammers. For CSW nobody says anything. Imagine Vitalik says I'm going to sell half of my ETH, and end up not selling. I respect CSW for his work but also he should stop making big statements and never follow up. He keeps talking about honest money but if he's the one who's the most dishonest, then why would anyone take his claims seriously?
framore tipped:
token_squatting replied:
I think you don't understand the game.
framore replied:
@musiq you are a free man great job! I am very happy about your reply. So I am not the only one disappointed and I am not the only one who is not worried to speak out. Actually the fact that nobody points out or trying to cover up looks like a scam to me. I was sooo into bsv that I had bought so many (comparing with my finance) I had almost 200 then last 2 months ZERO and today just 8 because I thought the conference will be delivering tokens... but not even now! And plus Craig was screaming like a mad, it was so uncomfortable watching him speaking like that... it was pathetic and annoying.
musiq replied:
framore just to clarify I'm not as pessimistic about BSV as you are and also not complaining about BSV itself. Also I like how the rule here is to be positive, so trying to think positive here. But I completely get you and i agree with a lot of your disappointments. And in this specific thread I'm agreeing with your frustration with CSW. Actually it's not even about him. It's about the people who pretend it's ok for him to keep preaching "honest money" but at the same time lie to those who care about him and bitcoin. Many BSV haters say "Craig Wright is a fraud and a liar", he may not be a fraud but he definitely has lied. And unless the socalled "BSV supporters" accept this and think critically for themselves this community ain't going anywhere.
musiq replied:
anyway I'll just end here, let's try to keep this place positive :)
framore replied:
Yes positive, I keep posting about stuff despite the topic is always Bitcoin. Positive is an attitude but BSV so far has been negative, because price has fallen from 450 $ to again 130$ most of prophecies were not fulfilled such as halvening or Craig bs. What else? The ecosystem is full of not finished products. I don't need to list them. We missed DeFi, we missed tokens and we missed even monetization in fact now the new approach is "blaming for want to monetize" - before it was monetize monetize, now they say? Oh you want monetize all? So we lost even the audience!