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In case you didn't know, we have some official Merchant Integration docs: https://handcash.github.io/handcash-merchant-integration/#/
pjgrube tipped:
unwriter tipped:
I think this is the first time i'm seeing a public handcash documentation, hope to see more come soon :)
apagut tipped:
apagut replied:
We've had it for a while but people might assume we're so minimalistic we don't have any haha! Yes you'll see more soon - some things are patent pending as we speak, you know brother.
Awesome. Any chance@handcash could make the notes a little bit longer? Some times I have a lot of notes to give to the customer.
apagut replied:
We're working on something pretty cool in that regard, thanks for the feedback! It'll take a few months but... you'll see how cool 3.0 is.
Absolutely brilliant. Thx Alex
apagut replied:
Thanks Dookie! Basically this is just the standards we use and how to make work and look great with HandCash.
apagut replied:
how to make them work *
apagut replied: