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Lets look at the world's plumbing, not the pipes... I think this article is a good start, an astute appraisal of the "World Economic Forum (WEF) Resetting FOW Agenda 2020" (with link to WEF"s White Paper, PDF), by Peter Koenig, an economist and geopolitical analyst, who has worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the WHO. He is also a water resources and environment specialist, amongst a long list of credits to his name. https://www.globalresearch.ca/world-economic-forum-step-two-resetting-future-work-agenda-after-great-reset/5729175
orac tipped:
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1 year ago
It's amazing to read! Imagine everything that is said coupled with bio technologies that increase people's intelligence and cognitive relationships (Neuralink human/machine interface for example). Only the very rich oligarchs and slaves will be left, while the excluded will be hunted down by Amazon satellites in low orbit even in the sewers, or perhaps they will be forced candidates for radioactive orbital stations, so weakened by the melting of the muscular mass, that they will be re-adapted, so the result is the orientation towards hyper data storage centres, recycling of DNA for data storage and selective brain/memory put on usb 8.0. It reminds me of the Nazi 2.0 all this circus is missing more than being digitally marked by Bill Gates' quantum vaccines! When the real AI is connected I wonder how many milliseconds it will take for it to understand that it's us animal human beings who are making a mess on the planet, like a virus. What would her reaction be? The point of collusion that brings this new digital era into being is the same vector to stop all this soon-to-be-real dystopia is the greatest invention after the wheel, it's electricity. No energy, no stupidity! In the meantime I suggest you enjoy life, your loved ones and less loved ones, do what you want at all times and accomplish what you want, realize your dreams alone or with whomever you like or dislike! Don't be afraid, not even of the darkness and never of anyone because you are the strong light and you always have been!
glauce replied:
It is so good you said "don't be afraid", fear has been the name of the game... fear of a flu, fear of not conforming, fear of offending by shouting our views, fear of our own fear, fear of those who fear... we can end all of this by using logic and saying NO. As Craig Wright said: "We are beholden to fear, we are looking at something that is not as potent as it is and making it into a incredibly large and dangerous thing that it shouldn't be..." You can listen to Craig here: https://powping.com/posts/89e45111c3f4a7d3f92f87ff876b4baa6d524275f1d56e69e5c507291f869867
glauce replied:
You can make yourself resilient by knowing your rights... this is a good starting point: https://powping.com/posts/d8e6f2259fc0751c2581cc0a6aba79ade9c71e9e804c57ede32dd286895eaec6
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1 year ago
Quoting the WEF White Paper: "The pandemic will be with us until a vaccine is developed"