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"Winning Time"

How to win the CryptoCrap race by starting now, following your nose and pacing yourself.

Mentor:  Who's the greatest basketball player of all time?

Student:  [pauses with mouth open]

Mentor: "It's not a trick question, it's Michael Jordan.  Do you know what MIchael Jordan called the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter of a basketball game?"

Student:  [pause, mouth open]

Mentor:  "Winning Time.  See those guys over there hitting on the girl on the stool?  They think they are 'killing it' right now bc she's the best looking woman in the bar.  I assure you they are a couple of amateurs.  She'll be with the winning Knight of the Night in about 9 hours from now.  We're nowhere near 'Winning Time', so pace yourself for the long haul."

source:  Roger Dodger, 

Allow me to make a seasoned prediction that I have no idea will work out (not financial advice).


CryptoCrap will go on ONE LAST RUN to the heavens-- probably short but sweet.


After this run, cryptoCrap will permanently “injure” itself.  We Gen-Xers in America used to have an expression for catastrophes like this...

... "Ive fallen and I can't get up!!!"-- CryptoCrap

How is this "last run" of CryptoCrap prices possible when criminals-at-large like Binance and Tether are still just now BEGINNING to be exposed? Easy.   The "proof of history", to borrow a newFangledAltcoin expression, was the Mount Gox scandal.  Did that scandal end crypto? No, because the market said "yeah it sucks and it's embarrassing for crypto, but there are OTHER white-shoe organizations like Coinbase and Kraken which will solve the Mt Gox problems of the past-- just you wait, bank on it!".  And bank on it some did, and they made lots of money taking a HUGE risk.  I didn't take that risk back then, even tho my instincts told me the same then as I'm feeling now, and I won't take the risk again this time either. But that's not the point of this article. 

Plus, what I wrote above is not true of course; Coinbase and Kraken and Square are just a new breed of sleezebags-- a little more polished maybe. They won't "solve a problem like Binance" either-- not in the long run.

But for awhile it will seem this way. in other words, law enforcement and legislators WILL crack down on easy targets like Binance and Tether-- they've already started! The state of New York [1] already took a pound of flesh out of Tether/Bitfinex (more of that to come from other jurisdictions protecting their citizenry) and Binance is under attack from almost every first-world and second-world jurisdiction (see Italy, Ontario/Toronto, Japan, etc....). The funny thing about markets is, they tend to write-off bad news, and look towards the positive news no one knows or is talking about yet. DeFi and newAndImprovedAltcoins and FYX exchange and all the new shiny shit into which VCs just flushed their latest hundreds of millions, will emerge and will look very shiny next to rotting old-school corpses like Tether, Bitfinex and Binance.

How long will this run take? I suspect it could start and finish in a matter of months, maybe even weeks. It could move QUITE quickly.  It could be long, or not at all.  My instincts say it will be quick, but again, this is not financial advice and I've been wrong on both timing and substance many times before.

I'm not going to recommend buying btc, ethereum, deFi tokens, or newFangledAltCoins tho. It's not in my nature to try to predict fads and one-off freak events. It's VERY hard to do besides.   I could be totally wrong and CryptoCrap has no last run, and is already about to collapse. It sure FEELS that way, doesn't it? Right now?  But that's exactly the mood I'm reading to make the call that cryptoCrap will have yet one last run.  It's a negative mood with btc touching down below $30k again this week.

The current news is damning:

Binance every other day is kicked out of another country. Every other day a reporter finally figures out the Tether/Bitfinex wakadoodlery.

Why write a prediction and take no action?

While I'm giving out no speculative or investing advice here, there IS one thing people should take from this, and it's not the short-term prediction that prices may go up.  As always, take the LONGEST view in the room instead of the shortest, for more fulfilling success.

How to Do:

Go towards your favorite startup and offer to help if you have the right skills or time.  If that's not possible for one reason or another, at the very least start USING BSV apps! Using the tech of the future leads to riches as well.  Remember all the early eBay sellers in 1998 and YouTube influencers in 2008 who ended up making a sweet living just bc they were early adopters of emerging improving platforms?  How did $6-7 figure Marques Brownlee do it?  He didn't try, he just followed his interests with no expectation of money involved...

BSV apps don't look like much right now, but they ARE improving, just like your son or daughter grows every day, and one day you realize your baby is a grizzly teen with a giant appetite and clothes that never fit right. In other words, you look at a BSV app NOW and turn your head, but those who EMBRACE the earlinessness and immerse themselves, will profit later over the long term. It's a job for workers, toilers, and people who pretty much don't even realize there's money to be made from it.  Just get into stuff because it's cool or fun, and let your hobbies and side-hustles solve whether it's a full gig... LATER.

Start here: https://www.slictionary.com/WordBounty 

Have fun; make some scratch; define YOUR world!

Today's BSV market/ecosystem is for those who just want to be part of the ginormous trend which will last 20 years and be over quicker than your kids were raised-- 20 years like a flash. It's the trick of time.  How will BSV grow?  Just like bankruptcies of cryptoCraps: at first slow and barely noticable, but then suddenly.

Showtime during Winningtime

Embrace the BSV ecosystem and future now, or never. Big things, both catastrophic and magnificent are coming-- SLOWly. What we do now will prepare us for "Winning Time".


"Writing in 2021 is a labor of love, but maybe someday it doesn't have to be?"--  $JOHNPITTS



[1] NY Attorney General results


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