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These are my puppies, born on the 21st of Dec, 2020. Momma is in the background.
petergec tipped:
emily tipped:
glauce tipped:
I need to get more recent pictures of them. I'll document their growth on here. Life with puppies!
nenicloud replied:
thank you. it's pretty amazing...i haven't bred a dog before or really seen puppies from birth...this is definitely a cool experience. They are awesome little puppies.
glauce replied:
We can do with niceness like that, thank you! Really adorable!
nenicloud replied:
thank you again. that's my qife holding the little guys...The more brown one is "Harry the 8th" and the white one is "Nicolette"
glauce replied:
Lol... love their names!
nenicloud replied:
thanks you very much. They are awesome. A really cool experience.