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Be careful if you make a post on Powping on Thursdays there is a forty five percent chance you will self combust.
Just call us telegram central.
The telegrams are rolling in today we are just overwhelmed.
And one more telegram just for old times sake. We are thrilled by the great response today and can't wait for next time. Our response to this telegram is "OH."
Feel free to reply to this post only if your attitude stinks and a, like Chris Rock b, you like bsv c, you wonder once a month why barely anyone uses powping d, you have slightly chuckled whilst watching the fresh prince of be-lair at least once in your life e, you are a narcissist f, you are a card holding (and I mean it a photo of your card must be attached to your reply or you will be blocked for thirty days and nights) socialist g, if the term " resigned to a particular direction of events" brings you joy h, you have never said the word "tory" or "tory's" ever. Out aloud and did not know what the term meant only until recently. And one day it just clicked to you and you put two and two together and googled it. i, you wonder why all the available employment in your city is bizarrely almost impossible for you to do without the aid of strong meds j. you are unemployed and actively seeking work k. you are on welfare. (I know we don't call it welfare in Australia but I like the word) l. you have no more than 0.000055 BSV in your moneybutton wallet and forgotten your twetch password and have a minute amount of bsv in one other wallet but couldn't be bothered using it again because the fees are too high and one other reason minimum m, you have only said the word "latte" less than ten times aloud, and only because you were ordering one for your boss or other colleagues n, you are a bogan o, you think Powping is the best internet site in the world ever hands down. p, you are a greeny q, you are a lefty r, you watch sky news every day s, you are concerned about the erosion of your constitutional rights t, you think I am no more funny than a heart attack in a cancer ward because hypothetically someone went to the wrong place in the hospital whilst attempting to get a so called vaccination when in reality it's an injection of a mystery substance and one would think the term vaccination is really an immunization shot sorry I lost my train of thought. Yeah someone stumbled into the wrong place at the hospital during a covid outbreak and witnessed a heart attack. u, all of the above v, you over use the one to ten scale even in situations that it is not called for w, none of the above x, you wonder if you will die in the gutter a loser or will you make something of your life y, you are no good at social media and believe the term metanet is really just using a computer z, you think the word metaverse is really only using a modern computer connected to a internet connection
isaiah_smith replied:
Oh yeah I remember now, A series of consecutive heart attacks in a cancer ward during a covid cluster.
isaiah_smith replied:
Just in telegram to the Powping staff READS "WAT UP SIR" We thank this anonymous viewer kindly for their telegram. Our response is"BUSINESS AS USUAL, ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER MINUS $1.75 IN THE BANK ACCOUNT EVERY TWENTY FOUR THINKING MONEY AND THE POWER"
isaiah_smith replied:
Woah. The switchboard is lighting up now. Another one from a Mr. A. Surd. It reads "GREETINGS FROM YOUR DEAR FRIEND ABE" Thankyou Abe from the bottom of my heart that I don't have. Greeting's to you to Abe, the cup of love over-runeth.