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The V FOR VOLUNTARY VENDETTA symbol or BLOODYSILVER was created in 2022 in search for a new symbol that would capture the essence of the LIBERTY movement 'at war' with the NEOCOMMUNIST WORLD ORDER (NWO). The colours of the symbol are silver and scarlet. Historically, pure physical silver was the currency used to pay for a day's labour in the more meritocratic civilisations that valued quality of life for the mode of society. Silver was valued as a currency that limited tyranny and permitted free-exchange—and any currency that fulfils this function is as good as silver was—the free-market, including the free-market in currencies will be as a silver-bullet to the secretive financial-vampires that drain vitality from society through inflation and the use of the stolen monetary value thereof to pursue their NWO. Scarlet represents the sacrifice in life, through war, that must always be made to water the TREE OF LIBERTY. The ultimate objective is that interaction between persons in a free-society be voluntary and not forced nor coerced. The shape at the top of the symbol represents a handshake, which is the most typical expression of a voluntary agreement. NEVER FORGET; GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!