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Anthony de Mello

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A guru was holding class for a group of young disciples when they begged him to reveal to them the Sacred Mantra by which the dead are restored to life. “What would you do with a dangerous thing like that?” “Nothing. It would just serve to strengthen our faith.” they replied. “Premature knowledge is a dangerous thing, my children.” the old man said. “When is knowledge premature?” they demanded. “When it gives power to someone who does not as yet have the wisdom that must go with its use.” The disciples persisted, however, so the holy man, in spite of himself, whispered the Sacred Mantra into their ears imploring them repeatedly to use it with the greatest discretion. Not long afterwards the young men were walking along a desert place where they saw a heap of bleached bones. In the spirit of frivolity that generally accompanies a crowd they decided to test the Mantra that should only have been used after prolonged meditation. No sooner had they uttered the magic words than the bones gained flesh and were transformed into ravenous wolves that chased them and tore them to shreds. 🙂