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@jack do you have a guitarist friend? Rhetoric question I guess :) I talked with you briefly at CG Beamailed guitar lessons and tunes from name, do you recall? I prelaunch course on guitar logic. It is not bitcoin orientated yet, as I did not find enough demand, but eventually I would love to The method E-System is not taught and I think there is an opportunity for other people to teach it too. Only they don't know about me or the system. Bellow is link to the course. At the bottom of the page is video, that basically shows and explain what E system is. The course goes through all the stuff needed to understand. I am not sure why I write you all, but have you in my head for few days, that's why probably 😉 Have a good day, Misha https://guitar-stuff.teachable.com/
Thanks Misha - I’ll share this with guitarists I know
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Thank you :)