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Anyone eat raw beef liver here? I tried some a few days ago. And my god I felt this amazing energy boost and natural high for hours afterwards. Nothing I’ve felt before just from eating a food. Texture took a while to get used to but otherwise tasted fine. I’ve had lamb’s liver before, but always cooked. Beef liver is a bit harder to find but the halal butcher’s seem to always stock it. I didn’t get the same energy boost from eating cooked lamb’s liver. I don’t know how much of a difference raw vs cooked can be. But this recent experience tells me there might be more to it. I’m lactose intolerant but a while back tried raw milk and was able to handle that no problem. So there might be something to this raw thing that my body really likes. Would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.
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2 years ago
I always ate beef liver although i didn't like it then i discovered calf liver, tastes much better and has almost as many nutrients as beef liver. Im on carnivore diet, this diet gives me much energie in life, liver increases it to a higher level. I allways roast the liver so that it is rosé on the inside. I had the same experience with raw and bloody beef, all the raw things are much better when it comes to nutrients.
liam replied:
Cool. I don't think I've seen specifically calf liver for sale. I've seen lamb liver but not calf. Anyway the taste for me has been fine with the beef liver I source. I'm largely carnivore, though don't follow it strictly as I'll eat freely if I'm with friends out for a meal. But generally find it suits my body better. Less mental fog, no post-lunch fatigue.
Interesting, Ive heard of many people eating liver regularly for exactly these benefits... I could never do it though I dont think... especially not raw. Its also very difficult as it is to find regular grass fed/organic meat here so wouldn't want to be consuming a liver filled with toxins.
liam replied:
Yes the taste is definitely not the best. I've heard of some people cutting it into small bits, freezing it and then taking it like a supplement pill. Though for taste I like paté, but I imagine making it yourself so you know the exact ingredients would be better. From what I understand toxins are stored in the fat of an animal. So things like tallow are very important to get grass fed/organic. The liver processes the toxins of the body but doesn't actually store them. But of course grass fed/organic is always best.
I have had cooked beef liver. It is bitter and terrible.
kraftwerk replied:
try calfs liver, roasted with onions and apple