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Anthony de Mello

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A seeker, in search of a Master who would lead him to the path of holiness, came to an ashram presided over by a guru who, in addition to having a great reputation for holiness, was also a fraud. But the seeker did not know this. “Before I accept you as my disciple,” said the guru, “I must test your obedience. There is a river flowing by the ashram that is infested with crocodiles. I want you to wade across the river.” So great was the faith of the young disciple that he did just that: he walked across the river crying, “All praise to the power of my guru!” To the guru’s astonishment the man walked to the other bank and back unharmed. This convinced the guru that he was more of a saint than he himself had imagined, so he decided to give all his disciples a demonstration of his power and thereby enhance his reputation for holiness. He stepped into the river crying, “All praise to me! All praise to me!” The crocodiles promptly seized him and devoured him. 🙂