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Funny... bsv community doesn't appreciate our efforts in making sienamkt.com but another group (blockchain) has found us and it is showing great interest in supporting and promoting us.
pete tipped:
Maybe with stable tokens this may change, people can buy tokens directly from fiat instead of buying BSV. Then they may see the immediate value of 20% discount promotions because there's nothing to lose. Without this, nobody wants to use up their BSV.
Wife does shopping! Still campaigning for you tho with minority family shares!
Thats because your business model, like fivebuks, is the wrong one in this time period. People buy bsv because they want to gain a surplus in value. Your business is: I want your bsv because in the future it will worth more and I will be richer, but this does not count that who buy bsv is doing the same way.
pete tipped:
framore replied:
Dear Roberto, your comment contains something right and something less accurated. First, my business model.has nothing in common with fivebucks. I am not selling services made by others, I sell products that I have in my warehouse ready for shipping. Second, my business is not "I want bsv because I will be richer. This is totally the opposite. Actually I earn more money if you pay with credit cards because YOU (the user) get 20% discount using bsv. So who owns bsv can get 20% better price for our items. My goal is not getting bsv, my goal is doing my job, selling Italian food. Getting bsv is done with my profit, if I want invest or keep the bsv that I receive. Since I had invested all my crypto in bsv I thought it made sense for my business to accept it so to give my small contribution for utility. However you really synthesized the overall mood of crypto users in general. That is what you said right.
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robertogox replied:
Yes, right, 5buks was elevating micropayments, you are not. Bitcoin was not born to substitute currencies, but as plumming for them going virtual. You are applyng an old model to a new method, but nothing new there. If you were continuosly building trying to find the right way you where not here complaining.
framore replied:
5 bucks was you are right. That site is dead from number one. Terrible site despite the idea is good. I am not building, I already build my company 12 years ago, I thought it was good to add utility but as you said and I agree, Bitcoin is not going to replace currency. Bitcoin has lost this chance. Bitcoin is for micropayments (but not even sure this) since people don't want to pay what was free already. The only use case remaining is smart contract or something that doesn't exist yet.
robertogox replied:
Bitcoin will maybe replace currencies over time. It has not lost his chance, you have given him the wrong one. There are plenty of use cases, they require an alternative mind set.