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"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord! Psalm 27:14 Throughout Scripture there are many promises given to which we are exhorted to wait. Indeed, a promise often projects us into a future hope that we must wait for in order to receive. However, human patience is often difficult and is easily discouraged over time. You can hear how emphatically King David expresses the Psalm above, repeating the word "wait" and calling us to do so with courage. He then follows up with the reason as to how we can have such courage and patiently wait, namely, because the Lord will strengthen our heart to do so. We can all relate to the process of waiting. As children we waited and eagerly anticipated our birthday and presents, just as we did for Christmas, or a specially planned vacation. It seemed that time went by so slowly. But what kept us encouraged was the certainty that the day would eventually come, and that each day it drew closer and that there was a guaranteed reward waiting for us. The gifts to come lent us a hope and strength to wait. When we reflect on the gifts of God and especially the eternal life He has promised us, the knowledge that the day will certainly come and that great gifts await us, kindles a hope that provides the strength to continue to wait. Reminding ourselves that God's promises are sure, helps us to overcome our discouragements and the impatience that can lead to doubt. Knowing that God's Word is always sure grants us such courage even in a fallen world. So, we may too will say along with King David, "Wait on the Lord...and He shall strengthen...!"