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It's not a bonsai, but I want you to see it because the autumn leaves were so beautiful. This is a park where old buildings in Tokyo such as samurai residences from the Edo period are preserved. If the thread is dirty, delete it
emily tipped:
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2 years ago
Maples are commonly used in bonsai. I think it should stay :). I have two maples myself; however, they are a chore in my climate zone because the sun will defoliate them if I don't provide shade. I've been to Tokyo in the early fall but wish I could've stayed to see the leaves change color. Some day I would like to experience fall and spring in Japan to see the Maples/Sakura trees change.
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2 years ago
glauce replied:
So nice to think about something lovely right now... thank you!
Wow, the red of those leaves is gobsmacking, what a tree and what a beautiful place!