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RelayX Ft/NFT

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https://relayx.com/market/11e1a00afb5f40f13e809e47ef11fb0824b92a50c6205f939709e0703a96f250_o1 This NFT is redeemable for a physical product + an NFT of the same 'card' with a small icon added to it to mark that it has been redeemed for the physical product. FrogeKoozies are T-shirt shaped bottle coolers that will keep your favorite drink ice cool. How to Redeem Physical FrogeKoozie: Product is redeemable 1 time only. People who acquire FrogeKoozie NFTs can trade on RelayX Exchange or redeem anytime. When redeeming 1) Send FrogeKoozie NFT to NFTee@relayx.io 2) Send your shipping info to NFTeeBSV@protonmail.com Your NFT will be sent back as a “redeemed NFT” and physical product shipped as soon as everything is verified.