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Hurray for no unique channel names!... I can now delete a channel I created a couple of days ago (London) with the idea of passing it on to someone new, preferably local, who could make it into a nice swinging place... kind of future proofing the territory... happy and relieved to learn this is redundant thinking! Newcomers can just get on with it. @unwriter, please keep this!
yes there is no plan to create unique namespaces. every channel is identified by the transaction id it was created with.
glauce replied:
Thank you!!!
metastraya replied:
We asked this question in another channel. Why not have the option? When sharing channel url’s they look ugly.
unwriter replied:
This means there is no need to protect a name... also, it puts an end to the ludicrous idea that channels can be sold, something I heard and have been wanting to bring to light... I think this is the time and the place.